Why do I do it?

Why do I do what you may ask?  Well why do I wake up at an unearthly hour (this morning was 5.45am, sometimes it’s earlier!)?  I do it to help my business, to network with like-minded business people who don’t mind getting up early to promote themselves and their businesses. 

I sometimes have to wake up earlier than others because of where I live, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.  I live in the depths of the North Devon countryside, no neighbours, no noise apart from the sounds of the animals and surrounded by the green fields of the family farm.  But, I need to travel to get to these meetings, hence the early starts.  It takes at least half an hour to get to Barnstaple, add at least another 15 minutes to get to Bideford and I won’t tell you how long it takes to get to Exeter or Taunton!

I don’t mind doing this, when you run your own business you do what it takes to build new relationships, gain trust and knowledge from others who could be your future customers, suppliers or even refer your product/services to others.

So, as I write this feeling a little weary from this morning’s early start, I sit back and reflect, was it worth it?  I think so, to me there is nothing better than getting together with like-minded individuals and learning about their work and telling others what I do and discussing issues within the business world today.  If you get up early like I do at times, sit back and reflect why you are doing it, and please try to enjoy yourself!