Finding time to do everything!

Sitting here this morning,  checking my email, my Twitter feed, Facebook pages etc I am beginning to wonder how we all find time to do all of our other work.  I have been receiving invites to other social media platforms recently, and even though I really enjoy using these forms of marketing and interaction with people I think that I must decide which to concentrate on and which others to ignore.

I know that there are various applications out there to enable me to keep control of my social media, but not of all these cater for all of the different social media platforms, so I am taking a step back and deciding what to do and am also reflecting on how much time is spent (or maybe whilst procrastinating!) on Twitter etc.  I don’t know if anyone else out there has actually sat back and realised how much time is spent or maybe wasted when other things that could be more important in business could have been done?


6 thoughts on “Finding time to do everything!

  1. Have you calculated an ROI (Return on Investment) for time spent on your Social marketing and do you compare it with other forms of marketing? For me, as llamakevin, my return is quite good, especially for the holiday cottage, at the last count we have had about 6 bookings and two further referrals. For multiheat, it has been a much harder and ROI therefore a lot lower!

    • Interesting thought. I’m sure ROI is larger for some rather than others. What I think I was trying to get across was needing to take time to select carefully which social media platforms I use and use them effectively, rather that wasting time on saome that don’t work as well as finding time to do the other things in the business.

      • I agree. Selectivity is important. Whilst one may get an ego boost out of appearing everywhere, the price in terms of productivity and stress is too high for most people. And ROI should be forefront. I count social connection as part of that, although of course it isn’t directly monetarily measureable.

        Nice post. Thanks.

      • As Pam said, it’s not really measureable in monetary terms, but there comes a time when we know we are wasting our time, and it’s at that point we have, in some way, measured ROI!

        It’s interesting to watch a few follow the new “fad” – Empire, Scoville etc… but at what point do we think, we should be there and give that a go!

        At the moment, I don’t have the time to find out!

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