#30DayBlog – Day 1 – Hillsborough Disaster – findings now published

As a long time supporter of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) I’ve been following quite closely the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel. 96 people died that day. I remember it well, watching the awful scenes unfold on the news. There was no Facebook, Twitter or forms of social media that we take as the norm these days, the TV and radio were the only places that the news was reported. How different things would be if it had happened today.

We now know that there were siginificant failings and that Police had changed some witness statements and cover ups by them and the

failing in duty of care of the emergency service. Someone must be called to account and as I have read the families are calling for another inquest.

Our politicians have apologised:

Quote from The Guardian Online:

“The party leaders apologised for the way that South Yorkshire Police,responsible for justice, systematically withdrew negative comments about the force from 116 police statements as part of an institutional effort to discredit the dead and pin the blame, falsely, on the fans.

They apologised for the actions of all the emergency services, charged with ensuring safety, but failing in their duty of care to those who needed help most. ”

I shall be continuing to follow this story with interest and hope that justice will prevail.

R.I.P The Hillsborough 96 “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”



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