#30dayBlog – Day 2 – Tops tips for using CRM.

This is an updated/slightly different version of a blog that I published a while ago.

What is CRM?

Also known as Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is an application that has been designed to record and track contacts and their related activities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can be used  to share knowledge with colleagues, improve customer relationships, increase sales and lower costs resulting in improved profits. Use it to market your products and services via personalised emailSMS (text messaging) or direct mailcampaigns.

What can CRM do?

  1. Find your data quickly and share with your team – Use a central database on your network so that all users have access to your records. Maintain an air of efficiency, so if a call arrives from a contact you can find their information and see notes about what has been going on.
  2. Keep clear and accurate records – don’t keep messy bits of paper on your desk, use a CRM to store details of phone calls, emails letters etc and find them again at the touch of a button. Keep your records up to date.
  3. Record your sales – use your CRM to record your sales against a contact. Use a reporting engine to see your sales and what your best products/services are.
  4. Target your marketing – Select your contacts that you would like to market to. Set up your campaigns and use your CRM to send bulk emails, newsletters or export your lists to use for your direct marketing efforts.
  5. Set up your tasks – Start each day by knowing which task for a contact should be completed and by whom. Ensure you never miss that important follow up call again!
  6. Calendar – Use your calendar to record your appointments. Ensure that the rest of the team do this too to ensure everyone knows where everyone should be.

This is just a small part of what a CRM system can do. But remember, the system only works if everyone adapts it and uses it correctly!

If you want to find out more about CRM and what it can do, please visit my ConvallisCRM website for more details.