#30DayBlog – Day 3 – Social Media – do you need to be found?

To answer the above question, with another – what are your motives for using social media? Is it to interact with like-minded people and discuss business? Is it a promotion tool for your products and/or services? Is it to follow interesting people and see what they are up to without actually interacting with them?

Before you step into the world of social media it is imperative to understand why you want to use it. For me, depending on what aspect of social media I am using it could be a combination of the above, although I do like interacting with others online, sometimes you don’t want to join in as you feel like you may be intruding on another conversation. This shouldn’t really be the case as alot of the applications used today are in the public domain. Another thing to think about is what you post about. Would you rather be found for a great piece of work you’ve done or that you offer a great product/service or are helpful to someone, or would you rather be found via that drunken photo that someone posted on Facebook, or a rude comment or similar that you posted?

I know how I would rather be found, don’t forget that using social media can sometimes cross the professional/personal barrier so please ensure that you are found for the right reasons.

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