#30DayBlog – Day 6 – Blogs I like to read

Although I am writing this blog, I take an interest in reading other blogs and today I would like to share with you some of them. Some are useful from a business perspective, but others I just read for pleasure.

So here goes:

  • North Devon Business Alliance – As a member of this group it’s always interesting to read posts from other members, keep up to date with what’s happening in business in North Devon and see what interesting events are on in the area.
  • Birds On The Blog – This blog was introduced to me by a fellow business person and is written by a group of business women who are concerned about real issues in business. They blog on a variety of subjects from social media to surviving breast cancer.
  • Ashwood Llamas – The antics of the llamas and the other animals on the smallholding in beautiful North Devon.
  • Nikki Pilkington – Nikki is the person that set the #30DayBlog challenge and her blog is full of useful information for those that are just starting out blogging or hints and tips if you’ve been blogging a while.
  • Devon Social Media – I admit to being a bit bias here as I am one of the 6 that post here, but it’s always interesting to see what the others are blogging about and read some of their business and personal stories.
  • Convallis Software Blog – I know that this is my business, but the blog is not written by me so it’s always worth taking a look at to see the opinion of others.

Please take a moment to check out these blogs as I’m sure that among them you will find one that interests you. If you have a blog that you like to read why not let me know via the comments and I’ll check it out.


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