#30DayBlog – Day 8 – Getting Fit Again

Last year I suffered with very painful sciatica and wasn’t able to exercise as much as I liked so I have got so unfit that I need to do something about it. Recently my family and I have started walking again, something I quite enjoy. A few weeks ago we went to Lynmouth, had a cream tea and then walked to Watersmeet. This a lovely walk along a National Trust maintained path. Going along we had the choice of the woodland walk or the riverbank walk, on the way we all decided to take the woodland walk. My goodness me, it was up hill and down dale and I am so unfit I was out of breath at the top of the inclines. But I soldiered on, I was determined to complete the walk and I did. There is some wonderful scenery (as a lot of North Devon is!) on this walk and this really helps with the determination to carry on.

Watersmeet 2012

A view from our walk to Watersmeet.

Last weekend we went on a walk on another National Trust estate. This time we visited Heddon Valley on Exmoor and walked by the river from Hunters Inn to Heddons Mouth beach. This walk was a lot gentler and shorter than the Watersmeet one, but it all helps in my target of getting fitter again! It was lovely to walk by the river which was really flowing fast due to the recent rainfall, and on reaching the beach it was lovely just to sit on a rock and admire the view across to Wales whilst the rest of the family explored. We were also very lucky whilst there, we caught a glimpse of a seal that kept popping its head above the water before diving down again!

Heddons Mouth

Heddons Mouth, October 2012