#30DayBlog – Day 9 – Research.

I’m not really¬†supposed¬†to be writing a blog today, but I thought what the heck and went for it anyway!

Today is all about research, when you run your own business a lot of time is spent on research. Whether you are looking at your competitors, looking up some information for a job that needs doing or learning something new some sort of research is involved. The research that I have been doing involves looking at my business and finding the keywords/phrases for which you can be found. This all helps with the SEO for your website or blog and can drive visitors to these places as well as gain extra customers.

Following my research I will be going through the Convallis Software and ConvallisCRM websites to ensure that all the correct information is in place, I think we must be doing something right though as when i checked on a couple of our existing phrases we were on page 1 of Google – so I was happy.

Research can be fun, but then again it could get boring, but don’t forget the ultimate aim, research can help improve you as a person, your business or those around you.

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