#30DayBlog – Day 11 – Supporting others blogs! (Guest Post)

Along with Elaine I am one of the founder members and blogger on Devon Social Media and one of our aims was to blog regularly about, well about anything really, it could be about business, it could be political, it could be sport, it could be just a rant (I’m quite good at that), it could be about social things, but the aim was to blog regularly.

Also, I tried the 30 day blog challenge, and got to about day 20 something before finally other stuff got in my way, but actually it wasn’t just that, I felt that despite blogging regularly, despite having support from a few local colleagues/friends that I wasn’t writing anything inspirational enough to catch anyone else’s imagination. Of course, that may just be me, but part of the reason is that you need to get your regular readers, know that it is being read regularly and that you gain new readers every now  and then, after all isn’t that the incentive – the bigger your audience the more you want to write.

So, it is important to support others who write blogs, find your circle of friends who you know will read your blog, find your niche in terms of what you write about, but most importantly of all, start taking the time to read their blogs.

Why, because the more often that you read others blogs, comment and promote them the more likely that they will do the same for you and your blog.

Elaine has very kindly asked me to write a guest blog for her own blog and her own 30 day challenge, so this is it. I do hope that you find what Elaine writes interesting, have you commented on one of her posts? Will you comment on one of her posts? Comments on blogs are a good way for the writer to know that the blog is being read, and of course you often get the chance to put a link to your blog or website. I’m sure Elaine will then try and follow you too.

Thanks Elaine and good luck with the rest of the challenge!

Kevin Woodward is co-founder of North Devon Business Alliance where the writing of blogs to promote your business is actively encouraged, a great place to start if you don’t want to have your own blog. Membership is only £15 per annum, please check us out.


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