#30DayBlog – Day 13 – Don’t Stop Believing.

You may notice that the title of today’s blog is a familiar song, originally recorded by Journey but made famous more recently by the TV show Glee.

Why have I chosen this as my blog title? Well my problem is that I don’t always believe in myself so by writing this it might help me on my journey (get it?!) to believe in myself more. I have read books, been to seminars etc about being more positive etc, but there are still times when I just am not, sometimes from lack of confidence, sometimes for other reasons. Writing this blog has helped in some ways to address this, I certainly wouldn’t have admitted this publicly before now, but it’s a long term process and I will have good days and bad days. Today is a good day, positive things happening in the business, and happy in my personal life.

So I won’t stop believing in myself, if I want to do something I will be able to.