#30DayBlog – Day 14 – Getting Started

Just over six years ago I was working part-time in a local pre-school and my husband was working for a local software company as their development manager. The decision to set up Convallis Software was a difficult one for me, but an easier one for him. I was worried about taking the risk of losing a regular income to working for ourselves, but the pros outnumbered the cons and here we still are. I have learnt so much over this time about myself and about IT having not come from an IT background.

There have been many challenges over the years, including the recession, finding new clients and making a living, but through working hard and trying to remain positive that hard work is paying off with a great client base and interesting work. This is growing, which obviously when in business that is what you want to do.

As the client base and workload has increased so has our team. There are now three of us, having employed a web specialist after training him via the apprenticeship scheme.

Our next goal is to continue to grow and prosper, and who knows where it will take us, I just hope that I remain grounded and true to myself and continue to offer our customers the best we can.

If you would like to be part of our growth and would like to find out how my business can help you and your business please check out the website or contact us with your enquiry.

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