Winding down for Christmas – already!

It’s interesting the interaction that I’ve had lately with some businesses. Although it’s only 5th December today some are already starting to wind down for Christmas. To be fair I do have 3 Christmas lunches to attend in the next 2 weeks, lucky me :-), but other than that it’s business as usual, trying to fit in the Christmas shopping around work.

We will be open as usual until 21st December, and my son doesn’t break up from school until then either. To be fair knowing my other half he’ll still be doing some sort of work over the break, and I probably won’t take the whole break off depending on parenting/mum’s taxi duties as my two eldest will be home from college and University for 3 weeks.

When do you start thinking about winding down for the holidays or do you just carry on right through? It would be interesting to hear from you and how do you celebrate the holidays?

Santa at his computer.

Santa’s working hard!