Back to work

Happy New Year!

Today is my first full day back in the office after the festive break. It seems a little strange to be sat at my desk with my laptop rather than on the sofa as I have been recently.

Although Christmas and New Year are now over I still have a house full of guests as my 16 yo daughter has a group of friends she went to school with and doesn’t see very often now due to attending different colleges. At least at their age they can amuse themselves but guess who will probably be clearing up after them later 🙂

Getting back to work, it’s been nice to see my Twitter feed with mentions of my recent awards as there was an article in the local press about it yesterday. I’ve got a few things done, but am already planning next week when all the children are back at school, college and University. I find, for me anyway, it’s easier to work when they’re not around as I don’t get as distracted as I do when they’re here all the time (mum’s taxi etc!), I love them to bits,but have to stop at times for them, so here’s to next week and a more productive time!