I’m glad I resurrected this blog.

I resurrected this blog late last year having not written anything for quite a long time and I’m really pleased that I did. Not only has it given me chance to write about my business, it has also given me the opportunity to comment on other blogs and to write on other subjects other than those that are work related.

Now that I’m writing more here, I feel more compelled to write blogs on other sites that I am linked to such as Devon Social Media or North Devon Business Alliance – so watch out I’ll be posting on one or the other or both soon 🙂

Another thing that has motivated me was winning the Blogging Award and the Online Winner of Winners Award last year held by the North Devon Business Alliance.

If you would like to guest post at any time please get in touch and I’ll consider if I feel the content you would like to write about would be suitable.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget if you want to please connect with me, letting me know we’re connected through my blog.