A cake to be proud of!

Tank Birthday Cake

A sort of tank birthday cake

It was my son’s 11th birthday yesterday and at the weekend I asked him what sort of cake he would like. Being interested military history and anything to do with the army or guns he asked for a tank cake. Help I thought, I would never be able to do that but I decided to take up the challenge.

After a little research on the Internet (thank heavens for technology!) I found a few images that I could use as a template and then gave it a go. It wasn’t as difficult as I first thought, just a little planning was needed. I baked a rectangle shaped sponge and cut the end of to split and use as the turret. Splitting the main cake in half I added jam and buttercream to stick them together and then used a little buttercream to attach the turret. The remaining butttercream I managed to colour green and spread it all over the cake, attaching one of his (washed) toy soldiers to the top. The gun is a wafer biscuit covered in buttercream. I used a cocktail stick to attach it to the cake to ensure that it stayed in place. Finally, some mini biscuits were used for the tyres/tracks with some black writing icing surrounding it for the track. All in all I was quite pleased with my attempt, and my son was very happy which was the main thing.

The Tank Cake