Preparation is the key.

On 27th February I will be exhibiting on behalf of my company at the North Devon Conference 2013. This will be a small exhibition which is being put on as part of the conference. There will be approximately 150 delegates, so why exhibit?

Knowing the demographic and business types of those attending, they are the target market for our website and CRM products. The next thing I have to consider is preparation.

Preparation is the key to doing anything like this, hence before deciding to exhibit looking at who will be attending and will it be worth it for my business. I am now in the planning stage for the event itself as it is only next week. I have a list of things to do, the main things being organising what I want on my display stand and redoing a PowerPoint slideshow to reflect what I am promoting. As long as I get things done with plenty of time I should not (hopefully :-)) be panicking next week and need to sort things out at the last minute.

As I said in the title of this blog ‘Preparation is the key’