Perceptions Can Matter

Yesterday I attended the North Devon Conference in Barnstaple, and were exhibiting, or sponsors as they called us at the event.

I was there promoting our products and services including our Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Solutions, website solutions and ConvallisCRM. The one I really want to write about is the final one and the perception that some may have about CRM in general.

As a lot of people may know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. For a lot of businesses this is software that they have in place to record contacts, sales and marketing and is used as part of the day to day business processes. We use our own ConvallisCRM here (well we did write itJ) but going back to the title of this blog perceptions can matter.

One person passed my stand yesterday and just saw the word CRM. ‘Ah’ she said ‘CRM, I hate our work one, shame yours has the name CRM as well.’ Before I had any chance to explain that CRM was just a generic term for customer relationship management applications and that our software would be different to that she used at work she was gone. I know I missed an opportunity, but I didn’t have the chance to talk to her, but the comment made me realise that if just one person sees something and has a negative view of it, how many others feel the same. That to me is the problem, in today’s society if you have the perception of just one thing being negative, whenever you see another product with a similar name or use you will probably think of that in a negative way as well.

At least from some other visitors to the stand things were more positive, and I even had a chat with a couple of business advisors who understood about CRM and wanted to know why ours was different.

If you would like to find out more about ConvallisCRM please visit our dedicated CRM website.


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