Taking on a work experience

This week we have a work experience with us from our local senior school, Chulmleigh Community College. It’s the third year that we have done this and I think it’s a great way for young people to experience a ‘proper’ working environment and also work full-time hours compared to the shorter school day.

What was really nice was to have him come visit us a couple of weeks ago, this helps with nerves and familiarises them with the place that that they are working and the people they are working with. This certainly helped in our instance.

On arrival I did an induction and went over health and safety polices/procedures, company confidentiality, equipment use etc. The next thing was what to give them to do? Luckily after meeting our work experience I had an idea of the IT related types of things he liked to do so had a small list put together – who knows though that by the end the week I may have run out of things for him to do 🙂

As we run Windows 8 here at Convallis Software, this was an unfamiliar operating system so I found some online training for him to get to grips with it and gain confidence in using the system. At the moment he’s in the process of re-designing some of my marketing material to bring it into line with our website – a job that has been put off for ages! Luckily design is one thing he enjoys, so although it’s not directly IT related he’s using the PC and a design package to do the job for me.

As for the rest of the week, well I’ve a couple of other things planned, we’ll just have to see how it goes. Hopefully he’ll do a blog for me about his experience.