Does the Internet change your brain?

Whilst browsing through some technology news/blogs this morning I came across an article and infographic about how the internet changes the brain.

I found reading this quite interesting as it also shows how the internet has grown and changed the lives of people since its inception. What really interested me was the fact that ‘If either the Internet or Google goes down we not only lose our main transactive memory partner but we lose a ton of memories.’ Is this really true? I know for myself that if the internet goes down whilst I’m working I get annoyed and frustrated as I need it for quite a bit of the work I do, but losing memories, I’m not so sure.

I didn’t realise that there was such a thing as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) although I’m not surprised. I’ve come across quite a few people – mainly teenagers – who if they don’t have access to the internet via any form of technology get irritated and angry. What’s wrong with not having your phone, tablet etc for a while?

I’ve only touched on a couple of aspects of the infographic, but I feel it’s definitely worth a look at and maybe come to your own conclusions.


2 thoughts on “Does the Internet change your brain?

  1. I definitely think I have an internet addiction. When we go up north, I don’t get the best internet reception on my cell phone and I feel completely detached from society. I know it sounds silly, but I do.

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