Blogging 101: Day nine

I’m currently taking part in the Blogging 101 course from WordPress. I’m at day nine, a little behind than others but I’m getting there and learning more each day about how to use blogs more effectively.

Today’s assignment is to build on a comment that I’ve written on someone else’s blog and the one I have chosen is taken from GoPro Starter.

I commented on the Free Workplace Images for your Blog post . The writer of this blog has provided a link to some useful picture resources for businesses. The reason I commented here is that quite often it is difficult to find resources that are needed such as these for a business and having someone provide one is great, even if I may not use them for a while.

Thanks again for this resource John, and I hope to keep finding useful resources from you and other blogs in the future.


Office 2016 for Mac is available

As part of my blogging 101 course, today I have been learning about embedding tweets and other media, hence this post.

Although not a MAC user myself, for those that are interested Office 2016 for MAC is now available. I don’t know personally if it’s the same as using it on a PC, I guess it will be, but I’m sure those of you that do will let me know if it isn’t!

If you want to find out more about availability etc follow the link from the Twitter message.

Re-introducing myself

Following on from my last post when I said I was resurrecting this blog, I have come across some WordPress training – Blogging 101 and the first task is to re-introduce myself so here goes!

I’m married to my fellow director of Convallis Software, Richard and we have 3 children two girls aged 21 and 18 and our son aged 13. The business was established in 2006 and we specialise in the development of custom database solutions. We also offer other products and services such as IT Consultancy, Cloud Solutions including Microsoft Office 365 and our own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, ConvallisCRM.

Richard is the ‘techie’ of the business, whereas I deal with the day to day running of the office and business development.

I am also the farm administrator of our family dairy farm of which Richard is also a partner, we therefore both split our time between the two roles.

Within this blog I am hoping to write about what is going on in the IT industry and try and keep you up to date with major changes. You may see that I write more about Microsoft and Windows as these are the technologies that we use here and we are Microsoft Registered Partners.