New Technology on the Farm

Cow in robot

Milking by robot!

As some of you may know by my little bio on this blog as well as working in IT I am also a farmer’s wife and live and work on the family farm in Devon.

For the past 3 months we have been milking our cows using robots – this allows the cows to be milked automatically as and when they want to. The robot we have is a 2 box MIOne system by GEA Technologies.

The decision to move into this modern robotic milking technology has not been an easy one. Many months of research of different robots, financial forecasts and major building works have finally got us where we are today. But why do this?

There are many reasons why to go ahead with such a major project, of which I cannot share here, but we are happy we did. It’s very strange my husband, father in law and daughter not getting up at 6am to go milking, but there are still other regular jobs that need doing so they are not just sitting back and doing nothing all day! The animals still need to be fed and looked after and if there is a problem with the robot (as all technology does have their problems!) an alarm is sent automatically to their mobile phone which then can be acted on.

I don’t fully understand the technology behind the robot, but we have software that enables us to see when a cow has milked, how much milk has been given plus much more information about the animals than we had before.

Many more farmers are now going down the robotic milking route as they feel that it is the way to go and is the modern way of farming.