Are you currently using Cloud Technology in your business?

Many businesses have now started using cloud technology to help improve business processes, but are you?

Cloud technology allows you to work more flexibly, whether you are out and about or sat in your office you can have access to all your documents, files, work etc. Rather than have an existing (possibly expensive) server sat in the corner of an office or a dedicated room a lot of the cloud technology is purchased on a subscription basis, based on the number of users. This means that as things change in a business (staff numbers etc) you will only be paying for what you use.

An example of this is Office365 from Microsoft that we use here at Convallis Software. As the name suggests this is the familiar Office suite of applications but in a cloud environment using secure servers.

In my personal opinion cloud technology is certainly the way to go for a modern business. If you want to find out more how this works please take a look at the following video from Microsoft showing an example of how it works for a small business in the UK.


Windows Server 2003 – Support Ends Today!

Are you using Windows Server 2003? Are you aware that support and upgrades ends today?

Microsoft announced over 8 months ago that they would be stopping support and upgrades for Windows Server 2003 to give people time to make a decision as to whether to upgrade to the latest version and continue with support and upgrades or as some have decided to continue using the old version.

Please be aware that if you are continuing to use Windows Server 2003 that if something does go wrong the support may not be available to you to help resolve your problem. I think you must seriously consider whether you want to continue or invest in the latest version for your own peace of mind knowing that you will receive the latest updates and support.

Still learning – I am

I’ve spent a lot of today starting a new course to learn about HTML 5 and CSS3. This will hopefully enable me to start helping out more on the website development side of the business. At the moment all of the development work is done by Richard, and I want to learn how to do the basics so that I can make minor changes to website templates that I need to ask him to do at the moment.

I already know a little HTML, but need to know a lot more complex things to achieve what I want to do, so that’s why I am setting off on this learning journey.

I’ve installed the software that I need, Visual Studio for Web Express 2012, and included in the installation was a link to a series of tutorial videos that I have started to watch. These videos are great as they take you step by step in formatting the web page and also encourage you to do as the instructor does as you go along. It’s called active learning. So far I’m really enjoying the lessons I’ve done, it’s great to see the results of your efforts at the end of the session. I think it may take me a while to complete them all, but it will be worth it in the end, I will have learnt a new skill that I can take with me as I continue my work.